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The New Foxwell NT644 Holden software update

If there are no updates for holden listed in the updates tab, check your installed software and ensure that the Holden software reflects the latest version.

Just give me a call and let me know the displayed version number in installed software next to the Holden Software option.

It may be help also help to know that we quite often get the software update files a number of days prior to official release, so if you send me your email address, you can install the next release following the below steps.

1. Eject the tools SD card
remove the rubber flap from the right side of the tool, Push in the SD card to eject it.

2. Remove all other USB devices form your computer and Insert the SD card into your computer, or SD card reader.

3. Close down the windows dialog boxes that appear.

3. Double click on the downloaded update executable file.

4. Select “run” from the windows dialog box that appears.

5. Select “Update” from the right

6. Click “Exit”

7. Click on “safely remove hardware” from your windows tray, remove the SD card from your computer, and install it into your Foxwell Scan tool.

Please get in touch via our contact page, should you have any difficulty.

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