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Porsche 997.1 replaces sports seats, uses NT530 to disable warnings

Car model and year: Porsche 997.1



Currently installing a set of Recaro sportster CS

After taken apart the yellow connector (the seat belt buckle and air bag connector), I had removed the seat belt buckle from the original seat and installed onto recaro rails. But unsure if I should just leave the connector under the seat? I'm aware that I need the dealer to disable the warning for airbag.


This is for a Foxwell NT520 but would assume this is the same on the Foxwell NT530.

Heater Disable:
Programing/Vech.Electrical Sys/Customer-Specific Settings
Left Seat Heater = Not Installed
Right Seat Heater = Not Installed

Seat Airbag Disable:
Programing / POSIP / Customer-Specific Settings
Driver Thorax Airbag=No
Passenger Thorax Airbag=No

Hope that helps.


Finally updated!

Connected my Foxwell NT530 and successfully removed the code.

Get rid of the seat buckle as well.

Seat Airbag Disable: Programming / POSIP / Customer-Specific Settings


That's the rail I got and I had circle the area.

Recaro provides new bolt, washer as well.

For the seat belt buckle disable, it's in the same manu as bwlow, just scroll down and you should see it.

Porsche 997.1 replaces sports seats