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How to update and Register software for Foxwell NT630 Plus / Foxwell NT630 Elite?

The Foxwell handheld products needs to be updated on the Foxassist or Foxscanner APP downloaded on the official website
How to get update for the NT630 Plus or NT630 Elite?

Step1: Check the scanner you have
If it is a NT630 Plus, please find the and download the Foxassist. If it is a NT630 Elite, please download the "Foxscanner" from

Step2: Download the correct APP to your PC (Windows PC)

APP Download Link
FoxScanner APP:
FoxAssist APP:

Step 3: Register a Foxwell ID on the APP and Log in.

Step 4: Follow the update guide and download the software.

Update guide download link

FoxScanner Guide:
FoxAssist Guide:

Step 5: Waiting for the downloading and until the message shows : Download Done.

Tips: Please make sure the SD card is connected to the PC . If the SD card can not be detected, please format it and try again, and if still not working, please change another SD card(8GB, 16GB). SD card is universal one you can get it from local store yourself.

Official Online Store: NT630 Plus