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How to update NT414 Four Systems NT644 All Systems NT500 VW/Audi Tool

Applicable for:

NT414 Four Systems Tool
NT644 All Systems Tool
NT500 VW/Audi Tool VAG scanner

Software Update Programme:

Fox scanner Software installer for PC - Download (5.7MB) 

Update Steps:

1. Visit here to create a Foxwell ID. Create a unique user name and password, and enter a valid email address to complete the registration. If you have already had a Foxwell ID, just click the Sign in link at the top right of the website to login.

2. Boot up your scan tool and locate the serial number and registration password, which are used to register your product.

3. Associate your serial number and registration password with your Foxwell ID by selecting New Registration.

4. Download and install the Foxscanner software from the link above or visit the Foxwell main site and find it under your product.

5. Launch the update tool Foxscanner by double clicking the desk icon and login with your Foxwell ID and password.

6. Remove the SD card from your tool, and then plug it into your computer.

7. Select My Update then all the updates applicable to your tool display. Click Update button to start updating. Depending on the file size of the update packaging, the update time varies from one model to another. We strongly advise you to update no more than 5 items each time.

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