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How to Reset Check engine light using Foxwell NT301 scanner?

Have check engine light to rest on all vehicles, Foxwell NT301 scanner is the best choice, since it is especially designed to do this, good quality and sales for a lowest price. This post is on how to Reset Check engine light using Foxwell NT301 scanner. On the package it lists all nt301 highlights and features, but if you want to know more details, you’d better read this post. This item cost $65 incl. shipping cost, bought from One of feature is that it can print the diagnostic confusions using a windows computer, it comes with a CD and a USB cable to connect to this Foxwell NT301 device, the port is over here (see pic 3) The Foxwell NT301 package comes with a user manual book, it prints very well and easy to follow. Procedure on how to use Foxwell NT301 scanner to Reset Check engine light: Find out your vehicle’s OBDII port and plug the device 16pin port into it. Reade codes & erase codes Turn on Foxwell NT301 and vehicle, press hold on the “Read” keyboard, now it is linking to the vehicle, communicating – please wait. So it has no codes found. Live data Options: 1. view data (Complete Data, Custom Data and Unit of measure) 2. Record data 3. Playback data Reading PID. 4C Read I/M Readiness Status Data I/M Readiness option allows to view a snapshot of the operations for the emission system on OBDII/EOBD vehicles. I/M Readiness are a useful function used to check if all monitors are OK or N/A. The vehicle’s computer performs tests on the emission system during normal driving conditions. After a specific amount of drive time (each monitor has specific driving conditions and time required), the computer’s monitors decide if the vehicles emission system is working correctly. Press the One-Click I/M Readiness Key on the keypad and the following screen displays. Colored LED and build-in beeper provide both visual and audible reminders for emission check and DTCs. Foxwell-nt301-reset-check-engine-light-16 One of new feature it DTC Lookup DTC Lookup menu allows to request DTC definitions stored in the code reader. Foxwell-nt301-reset-check-engine-light-17 Foxwell-nt301-reset-check-engine-light-18 Foxwell-nt301-reset-check-engine-light-19 Other features: View Freeze Frame O2 monitor test, on-board monitor test and component test (Refer to the Foxwell NT301 user manual) System Settings: incl. language, configure monitors, unit of measure, key beep set, diag beep set, tool self-test Conclusion: Foxwell NT301 did not trouble back, but it not a big deal. But overall this item is great, very easy to hold on too, easy to read with the screen, did many systems, easy follow with the screen DTC look up diagnostic codes, and here the keyboard is nice artistic and press easily, and having a firm cord connecting to the vehicle, if you use this one for only repair, it would cost-effective, so yes I would recommend this.