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How to Save and Print Data Report On Foxwell Scanner

I've bought a Foxwell NT530 and it read the codes fine, but I can't seem to retrieve them. How do I download/view the fault codes and save data on a laptop? I have downloaded Foxassist but when I go to the data manager it says "no data". I saved a report - I can see the file in SaveData -> SystemData as a text fine but doesn't open.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Solution offered by professional team:
Detailed steps of saving & printing data by NT530 multi-system scanner:
(Kindly be noted that the device demonstrated is Foxwell NT624 elite Automaster Pro, but the process is applied to all hand-held Foxwell Scanners, including NT530. )

Step 1:
Go to Main Menu, select EOBD via Up/Down/Left/Right buttons and press OK.
Step 2:
Select a diagnostic type: Automatic selection, and press OK. Then you'll see an interface like as shown below. Press F1 to continue.
Step 3:
Select Read Codes -> Stored Codes, where you can see the trouble codes. Press F1 to save these data.
Step 4:
Press F3 to continue (Saved as EOBD). Then return to Main Menu, select Data Manager and press OK.
Step 5:
Find Fault Code and press OK -> F3 accordingly. You'll see the saved trouble codes just now.
Step 6:
Return to Main Menu again, select Update and press OK. Just wait it updating.
Step 7:
Go to the computer screen. Drag and drop the file called EOBD in the device onto the Foxwell NT530 software icon on the desktop.
Step 8:
Sign in the software, click Data Manager, where you can select the file (EOBD) you've saved and click Report.
Step 9:
Now you can see the vehicle diagnostic report. Click on Print and job is done!
Video demo:Foxwell NT624 elite- How to Save & Print Data Report