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How to confirm that Foxwell can be used in your car

Hi everyone, welcome to watch "Foxwell FAQ", It records some foxwell users’ questions and foxwell technicians’ answers. This time there are more NT510 Elite and NT530 related questions.


Question (@Raccoon City Tofu):

Can the BT715 test AGM sealed batteries on Mercedes diesel vehicles? I also want to know if the product comes with a protective suitcase and printer?


BT715 can test AGM sealed batteries, you can check your battery, the standard value is written on it, and BT715 with standard value within 100-2000CCA can support it.

BT715 products include a protective carrying case.But BT715 does not have the printing function, only Foxwell BT780 can print.


Question (@Pip-Boy):

Can the NT510 Elite clear the engine service light in the 2006 BMW Z4 M? I know there could be underling issues but I believe the light is not on for a reason & I haven't had time yet to drive it to see if it remains.


Yes, NT510 Elite supports your model, and NT510 Elite function is to reset Service Engine Light. This means that when you are sure that there is no malfunction, you can reset the service to clear the indicator.

If the fault still exists, resetting the indicator does not make much sense.


Question (@Large Mushroom People):

Calibrate anti-lock brakes for my 2010 Mitsubishi lancer, Can this be done with equipment?


Need to provide VIN confirmation, check the function table, 2010 Lancer has multiple menus, some ABS systems support Sensor calibration, some do not

Question (@Large Mushroom People):

I have sent you the WIN code.


Identification VIN is LANCER (CY#), there is Sensor calibration in the function table, we recommend NT530.

confirm that Foxwell can be used in your car

By the way, here is the way to check if Foxwell supports your car, which is this link:

Fill in your car model and other information in this form, you can know whether foxwell can be used in your car. If you still can’t be sure, you can also contact us for confirmation.


Question (@Chicken of Skyrim):

The vehicle is a 2010 Mercedes Sprinter 2500 passenger van. The issue is that it doesn't read the VIN automatically, when I enter the VIN manually it doesn't recognize it, and I cant pick my vehicle from the list.

My device is Foxwell NT510 Elite, please see what is wrong?


Select path:


If it cannot be automatically recognized, select:

Manual Selection->Sprinter->906(CAN 2006-...)->Model series 906, select gasoline or diesel->Quick, Scan


Question (@Snail of Thunder Throne):

2003 Dodge Durango, 4.7, SLT, 2 wheel drive.

2001 Dodge Stratus, coupe.

Can Foxwell NT530 be used as ABS Bleed for these two cars?


For some old Dodge models, if you want to use NT530 to do the "ABS Bleed" function, you need to check if there are metal pieces on the 3 and 11 pins of the 16PIN interface on the car (as shown in the picture).

metal pieces on the 3 and 11 pins of the 16PIN interface

If yes, it means that ABS is a CCD protocol, and NT530 does not support this protocol.


If you have any questions about Foxwell products, please ask us.

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