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How to add Foxwell NT510 520 530 Extra Software [2020.5.8]

The Foxwell NT510 520 530 comes with one software as default, if you need extra software for other vehicle make, you are required to buy extra software authorization
It differs on price when you want to add the different vehicle makes. Among those available makes, we divided them into 2 categaries. 

The first one would be 60USD, they are:
1. Hyundai, KIA  
2. Land Rover, Jaguar  
3. Opel, Vauxhall  
4. Aston Martin
5. FIAT  
6. Porsche  
7. Maserati  
8. Ferrari  
9. Volvo  
10. Renault  
12. PSA(Peugeot, Citroën)
You can get on this page: SC283-S

The second one would be 80USD, they are:
1. Chrysler
2. GM
3. Honda, Acura
4. Toyota,Lexus, Sicon
5. VW, AUDI, Seat, Skoda
6. BMW
7. American Ford
8. Mazda
9. Volvo
You can get them on this page: SC283-S1

After you placed the order successfully, please do not forget to send us the S/N so that we can activated related software for you.
You can reach us via this email:
or whatsapp: +86 13515975739

Any questions, please contact us freely.