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Guide on register a Foxwell member and download Porsche software

During the use of Foxwell NT530, someone came across member registration and installation problem and then felt frustrated. This article will teach you how to use PC (except Mac) to create your account, and update the software and firmware.

1). How to register a Foxwell member and download Porsche software into a PC.

2) Where to download Foxwell NT530 Newest Update Tool

Note: Foxwell NT530 is not compatible with Mac computer.

Guide on register a Foxwell member and download Porsche software


Highly recommend you purchase Foxwell NT530 from below page, which is preinstalled with Porsche software:


Here is PC user's experience for sharing:

I got the NT530 a few weeks ago. I'm a PC user. A couple things that I found:


1). Make sure you have installed the correct software. There is a foxwell US site. It has the NT530 software. There is also a non-US site. Don't use the non-US site. (I did this the first time). I know once I got the correct software, it all worked.


2). With respect to the MAC, I know that many times when we virtualize servers or even PC's on intel platforms, we often get usb errors with a lot of difficulty accessing the usb. I would suspect that a MAC is no different. Borrow somebodies machine.


3). Open up the FoxAssist app/program on your PC, then connect your Foxwell 530 to your PC. Select update on your Foxwell 530. The app/program will populate whatever is loaded/licensed under the download tab.


Then select the file to download by checking the dot on the left. The update button at the top will be grayed out until you select at least one package.

All the while keeping the Foxwell 530 connected to your PC. After selecting update at the top of the screen, it should load and then show your current version the same as the upgradeable version.