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Foxwell NT680 Review: support Jag OBD1 and OBD2

I've been using a Foxwell NT680 pro scanner for quite a while now. It is foolproof, as my own ability to use it stands as proof:


It works well with my Jag and does OBD1 and OBD2. It does :
oil service reset (42 vehicle makes);
Supports Electronic Parking Brake (EPB on 31 vehicle makes);
Reads/clears and turns off MILs for engine;
transmission, ABS, and Airbags;
requests and records live sensor data;
provides live data graphing;
merges graphs for easier diagnosis and comparison;
displays freeze frame data retrieves ECU info;
code troubleshooters provide a fast easy diagnosis with multilingual menu options and code definitions;
comes with TF memory card for data backup and software updates (free for life);
diagnostic and USB cables and easy user guide.


Everything you see on screen can be printed out on your home printer.


I had the MIL light on and suspected an 02 sensor fault. Decided I needed a scanner and had mine up and running in 10 minutes after it arrived. I had never before used a scanner and found it extremely easy to use and understand. It confirmed the 02 sensor failure and told me which one.


Setting up was a doddle-Just selected the language, put in the VIN and the car details came up on their own.


I've used it on 3 or 4 other people's cars, including an old Saab, and amazed my friends with how quickly and easily it diagnosed the problems on their cars.


It may sound like I have a vested interest in Foxwell, I can assure you I do not....quite the opposite in fact with Chinese made goods, but credit where credit's is a great bit of kit.


Here is the good source of Foxwell NT680 Pro: