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Foxwell NT530 TPMS function usage example: Maserati QP5 2008

Car model and year: Maserati QP5 2008


Failure and what I tried to do:

Sys was ok until i drove car in first cold snap and got failure.

went to discount tire and they said only one sensor was transmitting. So had 4 new sensors installed and verified operational by discount. tried calibration several times and drove 20 good mins down hwy and no joy. I've located control box under floor but how do I get to last attachment aft to actually get the box free to clean?

o pressures were high. got those down. tried to get tpms module out but what the hell? How do you get that thing out. While there found rubber covered button under front of drivers side seat so reset. so now I have multiple failures! electrical sys fail, MSP sys fail, ASR sys fail. also no trans mode just green dash. At least tpms display came back with dashes. Auto park brake inop also. Disconnected batt twice, no joy. hooked up OBD3, says comm fail. lots of other flashing lights.


Professional Suggestion:

The TPMS modules fail. We replace them fairly frequently. I always tell my customers will need sensors first (esp if the car is 10 years old or more) and if they won’t hold calibration, they’ll need the module too. There will be a stored code that Diagnosi will read simply called “ECU ERROR” and every time I see that, it’s module time. Happened to me on both of my QPs.


For the correct TPMS to order:

Maserati holds the remaining stock of that module in Italy. They will require a printout of the fault memory from the TPM ECU and the parts dept at whatever dealer you have order it will need to open up a support ticket with the Maserati parts HQ on it as well to be granted the ability to order it.


Experience for sharing:

I just went thru this with my 2008 QP. I replaced all the sensors in the wheels, bought a tool to reset the TPMS ECU, and everything is happy now. The consensus is to reset the MCU rather than buy a new one.

I received the Foxwell NT530 last month ($159), an inexpensive alternative to replacing my TPMS ECU. This tool allows me to access data and clear codes on any of the vehicles systems. My reset was successful. (had to reset twice) The Autel AP200 is also recommended (by others). The Foxwell is a stand-alone tool. The Autel interfaces with your phone. Both are made in china, as is support and website activation.


However, Clearing the faults on a ECU that is bad will not fix your problem...You can clear them, but a ECU error code will pop back up..The ECUs fail often and that is why they are in such short supply currently.


Well, it's no secret that the TPMS ECU is a buggy item (defective). Mine act just like yours, reset it once or twice a month. You get pretty quick at it. The ECU is usually on global back order, however I see Scuderia has them in stock right now for $350. p/n 310225 (new number).

Foxwell NT530 TPMS function usage example Maserati QP5 2008


The ECU is located way up in the tunnel under your driver side floor mat, about the size of a pack of smokes.
On a side note, my Foxwell NT530 tool did show I had a bad sensor in my wheel. If you run into that, it's recommended to replace all of them at the same time. 4 sensors and valve stems is $750 worth of parts, life expectancy 5-8 yrs.

Foxwell NT530 TPMS function usage example