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Foxwell NT530 oil change and reset for 2019 Porsche Boxster GTS

Car model and year: 2019 Porsche Boxster GTS


What I did: DIY oil change

This was my first oil change on this car, so that added time to look and look again. I used two sets of ramps to drop the car onto the ramps and drop the QuickJack out of the way to get the four outside under tray bolts. This was not necessary as it turns out.


Next Is To Reset Oil Service:

After change the oil by myself, I reset the maintenance minder with Foxwell NT530 scanner.


I got the Foxwell and used it. Worked great. The 718 was not on the list of software that came installed. Which is quite odd. I did the software update and now it's there. I was able to use the older model car to do the rest and did the software update yesterday. Now it's up to date for every car.


Found some error codes though. will ignore.


Next Part is Several Points on How Did I Change the Oil?

  1. Remove the outer two sets of screws/bolts on under tray before placing on the car on the QuickJack, then once on the jack remove the rest. Not an issue if you are using ramps or a lift from under the tires. On a regular 4 point lift I suspect those bolts are not blocked as the arms come in from the outside to the jack points? The under tray is held on by 4 nice 10 mm bolts on the hard metal part of the tray and 6 metal screws and 4 PLASTIC NUTS on the more floppy black felty part. Plastic? WHAT THE HELL?????? You need to flex it a bit to get the front tab out of its slot, then it slides out nicely. I slid it along the QuickJack frame in left it there off the ground.

    2. No need to remove the wheel. I did this a few times over the past few months to just get a good look at things. I removed the wheel today because there as a friggen rock in the tire, no leak though. And I need new tires anyway LOL they are almost slicks. Not good for a 140 mph runs.

    3. If so equipped, PDK cars, you must disconnect the leveling arm. I have seen photos of this and it appears to be in two positions based on whether the tire is the jack point (ramps) or hanging. Either way the thing is in the way (not by much but every centimeter counts (German Car, use metric talk). The bolts is on the bottom of the rod and you need an extension with a swivel to get at it easier. It has a spot on one side for a 10 mm wrench to keep it from rotating as you remove/retighten the nut. The tricky part then becomes getting the nut back on the bolt. I put some electrical tap on it to hold the nut in my 3000 year old craftsman 10 mm socket. Magnetic socket would be nice there. Then with the swivel and extension it was not bad to tighten. But some cursing was done before I decided to get off the ground and get the extension (10 inch or so does it).

    4. The filter housing is still tricky to get out even with the leveling arm out of the way. Plenty of room for the filter socket and wrench. The space is "DUMB ENGINEERING TIGHT" but a trick I stumbled on was while it was partway in and resting against the drive shaft, I rotated the tire and this moved the shaft and the filter housing slipped right in. It seems to fit in best from the top of the drive axel. I tried from the lower rear path by it will not go. The odd thing is even with the engine out of the car, this space is still pretty tight. The frame of the car is in the way really. Minor 1 cm difference would make it much easier. After all you change the oil and filter the most frequently of all services, so why not make it a pain in the ass?

    5. The oil coming out of the plug in the tray was not a big mess as others have implied, the funnel of oil flow was not that wide. I let it drip for an hour. This uses an 8 mm Allen, I use a pipe on mine for more leverage, those who have 8mm Allen sockets can, well you know....yes my neighbor did offer to lend me his when I was taking his set of ramps.....I like to do it the hard way.

    6. I turned the filter housing in by hand as far as I could. Then with the large socket I just found it would only turn another 1/8 turn and it seems to bottom out as others have said.

    7. The 2019 2.5 liter engine in the GTS takes 6.0 quarts or 5.7 liters. I had 1 quart bottles so the math was easy.

    8. Yes, I used the special super duper hard to find in NY State Mobil ESPX3 0W-40 oil that I purchased from SunCoast in California. (say California like Arnold).

    Overall similar in Pain-in-The-Assness as my '03 RS6 (and all Audi V8's but with the RS6 the roll bar has to be dropped....I got very good at that over 15 years). VAG likes to bust balls I guess. The Q7 has the drain plug square over the frame of the car even though the filter is easy to get out (on top). The oil change on my '18 M5 is a piece of cake in comparison. The beauty was that no special tools are needed but for the large socket to loosen the filter housing. These are a thing of beauty when used on the plastic housings as they are fitted very nicely, but I have tried a socket on the Civic with has a metal disposable cartridge and those sockets POS junk.

Foxwell NT530 oil change and reset for 2019 Porsche Boxster GTS
Foxwell NT530 oil change and reset for 2019 Porsche Boxster GTS
Foxwell NT530 oil change and reset for 2019 Porsche Boxster GTS
Foxwell NT530 oil change and reset for 2019 Porsche Boxster GTS

Credits to @ Aronis


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Good to know: before purchasing NT530 to reset oil service for 2019 Porsche Boxster GTS, better provide your car VIN number.

Foxwell NT530 oil change and reset for 2019 Porsche Boxster GTS