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Foxwell NT530 for Porsche 997 Reviews

Question: Will the Foxwell NT530 Porsche scanner read over rev information like the Durametric Pro?
Reply: someone feedback: for Porsche 997, it does 80% of what the Durametric pro can.
For resetting anything on my 2017 Macan, Foxwell NT530 is better than the Durametric pro.

Foxwell NT530 Porsche 997 review 1:
Mine works great ....Great value for the money ...Way better than the basic Durametric at least you can do programming .... Works really well on my 997.1 not as flexible on my 955 Cayenne but still gets the job done....My friends are always borrowing it .

Foxwell NT530 Porsche 997 review 2:
The foxwell NT530 is the best bang for the buck unit. does 80% of what the durmetric pro can (doesn't even make sense to buy the durmetric enthusiast at all anymore).
foxwell nt530 reviews
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none of this should be too much of a surprise tho since the foxwell is a good half a decade newer then the durmetric. at its cost, every 997 owner can afford it and its pretty easy to use - I hate plugging in my laptop to tinker around with the Durmetric pro.

Foxwell NT520 Porsche 997 review 3:
I’ll add the folks at Foxwell in China were very helpful recently when my NT520 screen froze on the intro page and wouldn’t load after trying to download the latest Porsche software update. I only used it a couple of times since buying it in March 2019 and it works great. Needed to do the oil service reset in March 2020 when the screen froze. A few email exchanges with The Foxwell China folks (with pics of what the screen was showing) and they sent me a file to re-install the operating system. Works like a charm again.

Foxwell NT530 Porsche 2017 Macan review 4:
I have both a Durametric Pro and Foxwell N520. Both are very similar until you start working on newer stuff, then the Foxwell is better. The Durametric wouldn't reset anything on my 2017 Macan.

Question: I see Foxwell NT530 on but it is programmed for other makes. is that an issue? could I just go on their web and download the Porsche software?

If you buy a new one you get one make for free. When you register and set up an account you download it. Then you can pay for extras. I have BMW, Audi, and Porsche on mine.
If you buy used I have no idea.
register and set up an account at
pay for extras here: