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[Customer Reviews] Foxwell NT530 Audi A4 Q3 Oil Service Reset

Here is the foxwell nt530 to do a oil reset for Audi A4 / Q3 Feedback
Credit to Contributor,thank you.

Car model and year: Audi A4 / Q3

Purpose: to do a service reset

Foxwell tool to use: Foxwell NT530 Audi scanner

Test reports: Foxwell NT530 Audi A4 oil service reset

I have one foxwell NT530 scanner for Audi that is selling.

My allroad has 2 service resets. One for the oil change and one for the engine service.

I know the mileage for the intervals has to be converted from miles to kilometers, but it'll do both oil change and (engine) service resets.
Given what it costs, and what it does, it's a really good scanner. My only gripe is the numbers on the display are small, and I have a hard time seeing them, cause I'm old and blind....
I have the VCDS program and cable as well. Its good, but I hate having to carry around a bulky computer (mine is set up on a snap-on zeus scan tool). To me it all depends on what you like, but I use my foxwell scanner almost every day. It does a lot for the money, and unlike a laptop, or a cell phone based scanner, it's self powered, and you can take it anywhere.
Bang for the buck, its my #1 scanner for VW/Audi.


Definitely register it on the website and update the software. It didn't come with the module versions available at that time.

I wonder what the extra $40 spent on the Schwaben branded version got you.

This is how you reset both oil, and service maintenance reminders.

From the main screen -
VAG - "enter"
2 (Audi) - "enter"
3 (common special functions) - "enter"
1 (oil service) - "enter"
1 - (small maintenance) is for "next oil change"
2 - (high maintenance) is for "next inspection"

In the following screen you can set services for the pre-programmed 5km, 7.5km and 15km settings, or type in the days and mileage you want. Very useful because i dont believe in 10000 mile oil changes....

It is a very "different" scantool, mostly geared towards mechanics. Most will hate it because it has so many options, they cant find anything in it. Or like most people they only want to do coding adaptations, data logging, or check for DTC's, which VCDS is great for.
Foxwell does not word their commands, how VCDS does on their program (which is the same as vw/audi).
It drove me nuts when i first got it. Between playing around with it, looking online for info. and looking at the owners manual it came with (i know..... Who the hell reads those), I learned it quickly.
It does a TON of stuff. It also does coding, albeit a lot differently (and more annoyingly) than VCDS, but it does it.....


Test reports: Foxwell NT530 Audi Q3 oil service reset

I just hit 15K on the odometer, and got the "Inspection Due" light. I changed the oil myself and reset the oil service indicator, but as we know, the inspection light cannot be reset by the user. I called the dealer and they wanted $500 to do the inspection, and this car was a CPO with 6K on the odometer when I got it, so it seemed odd that after that 300 point inspection they'd need to do it all over again. Just a dealer thing I'm sure.

So I decided to order a Foxwell NT530 OBD scan tool for Audi. I figured this out. With the Foxwell tool and VAG software installed, it was a snap. Now I'm going to see what else can be done, looks like lots of coding can be done fairly simply.




Trust me when I tell you, the more you experiment with it, the more comfortable you will get with it. Other than coding and channel adaptations (be careful - this can damage modules with any scan tool), you wont screw up anything if you play around with different functions. Plus if you wanted to throw it in your trunk for emergencies, you've got a scanner that doesn't need a laptop, an internet connection, or a yearly subscription to keep it working. Oh, and if you want to use it to read engine DTC's on any car in the world, it has a generic OBD II function.

Is VCDS better? For coding and adaptation - there is nothing better or easier to use. Can you use Carista and a cell phone - yup works great! But it's all dependent upon having a computer or cell phone to keep it going.