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How to slove Foxwell nt530 Do ABS Bleed For Land Rover VIN Error

Question: I have a 1999-2004 Land Rover Discovery. I am trying to use the ABS
Bleeding procedure. The Foxwell nt530 scanner doesn't recognize my VIN. I tried entering the VIN manually and it did not recognize it.  So I selected the vehicle manually. Most of the other functions work fine, but when I try to use the ABS bleeding the screen looks like this:
Foxwell NT530 bleed ABS on LandRover Discovery 1999-2004
It does not let me proceed with the brake bleeding and none of the buttons F1 F2 or F3 do anything except go back to the previous screen.
Foxwell chief engineer solution:
  1. Connect Foxwell nt530 or the SD card to the PC , and find the file named: "Landrover.bin".
  2. Download the attached file with the same name and replace the old one with the attached file.
  3. Restart nt530 and try again and see if it works.
Download the attached file:
Update: Solved!
Thank you for the new software! It looks like the issue is fixed now (I can see the left front, right rear, right front, right rear buttons now). I will try bleeding the brakes tomorrow and see how it goes.
To the users who have the same demands:
foxwell engineer will fix this bug soon, please ensure you update the newest foxwell nt530 version when you use.