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Foxwell GT80 Mini product FAQ Reviews

Foxwell GT80 Mini product FAQ

Q: Can you advise on what is going to happen after the 18 months of free update? Thanks.
A: Software updates are available after the 18 month period can be purchased via a subscription service directly from Foxwell via their online support,

Q: I just started doing tire work a while back and people needing tpms sensors replaced has came up a few times. I would like to know what all I need to wake up the sensors, diagnose and learn the sensor to the vehicles and I need it to have a wide range of makes and models. Do you sell a tool like this?
A: Yes, Foxwell GT80 series will do that function.

Q: I wanna know about this item gt80 to which which countries works 
A: It can be used around the world. it do not have country limitations. And also support multi-language.

Q: Where can i find the functions for each specific car brand that the gt80 mini can perform?
Mostly i am interested in Porsche,BMW,Mercedes,Lexus,Suzuki,VW, Audi and Smart
A: You can contact us via email, we will send you the function list for thouse cars. Our email address is :

Q: Does this scanner display if the monitors are ready list? O2, heated O2, Evap, EGR....etc
A: Yes, GT80 support those functions.

Q: Can GT80 mini program keys for chrysler both old model and new model?
A: Yes, it can program keys.

Q: Can foxwell GT80 mini program brand new ecu for chrysler cars old Model up to newer model.
A: The GT80 mini can't support ecu coding at present. 

Q: Can I order a Gt80 plus or mini or any Foxwell Diagnostic tool  that will support GM Holden & Ford AU?
A: Our foxwell tools do not support Australian model like AU Ford and Holden.

Foxwell GT80 mini Customer reviews:

The price is acceptable after you get it! It covers more than 60 car brands, you will not be disappointed. The excellent Wi-Fi connection is also a good point. Well worth every penny!

A very good try from buying here,the tool can totally meet my needs!