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[Foxwell FAQ]Can Foxwell NT530 support old Benz cars?

This is the first issue of this series. It records some foxwell users' questions and foxwell technicians' answers. This is the first issue of a memorable series! This issue has a lot of questions about NT530.


Question (@Fire Penguin Disco Panda):
Does Foxwell NT530 Benz have the function of matching the key? The key cannot lock and unlock the door fuel tank and trunk anymore.

Answered (@Foxwelltool technician):
Sorry, NT530 not support unlocking. It is just a scanner.


Question (@Panda kicking the butt):
Does NT510 elite work with the connector on a 1992 BMW 318is?

Answered (@Foxwelltool technician):
Sorry, NT510 elite cannot be used with the connector on the 1992 BMW 318is.
NT510 elite wants to diagnose old BMW cars, you need to cooperate with Foxwell BMW 20 Pin Socket and Connect Cable Adapter.


Question (@Monkey fighting frog):
NT530 for Porsche 997.2: I followed the prompts to perform Service Reset: Enter the date input screen. The date displayed is 20160607. It looks like June 7, 2016.
So I tried to enter 20210331, but it did not allow me to enter the last "8" character, only to 2021033.If I press Enter, it will display "Not enough characters". How do I enter the date?

Answered (@Foxwelltool technician):
You need to update to the latest software version, we have fixed this problem. You can enter the full date for the latest version.


Question (@Hot swan enters the ice lake):
Can NT530 support old Benz cars? 2000 Merc Benz C280, need to be able to do srs codes, transmission, emissions. NT530 support it?

Answered (@Foxwelltool technician):
NT530 support old Benz cars, a 38pin connector may be required. You can see if there is a connector like this in your car:

38pin connector

Question (@Kevin):
I want to know if any of the scanners will do a crankshaft position relearn on a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado and also mode$6 translation or just hex.

Answered (@Foxwelltool technician):
NT530 can do this. And why is your nickname so ordinary?


Well, the first issue of "Foxwell FAQ" is here, thanks for the questions sent to us by users with strange IDs.