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[Foxwell FAQ 3]Can Foxwell nt510 perform throttle re-learning on 2004 Honda CR-V?

Hello everyone, and welcome to watch "Foxwell FAQ". This series has actually reached the third issue, which is surprising. Looking at this situation, if nothing else, "Foxwell FAQ" should be updated once a week.


In this issue of the "FAQ" column, we don't have a lot of excerpts (mainly because there are not too many questions to answer... Welcome to come to us to ask questions, and our contact information will be stated at the end).


Question (@Spirits):

What Foxwell equipment can support Nissan Qashqai J10, I want to scan the key code, Assy-Navigation code, generate DPF, DPF life, real kilometers, VIN, etc.


NT510 Elite / NT530.


Question (@Eternal flame):

I just cleaned a 2004 honda cr-v ex throttle body wanna know if this tool foxwell nt510 can do a throttle re-learn on my vehicl


NT510 supports these.


Question (@Big goose):

Hi, I am registering a Foxwell account, but I have not been able to receive the verification code. I sent you the SN code, can you help me?

not been able to receive the verification code


After checking, we found that your account has been successfully registered. You can log in directly with this email and password.

This should be a problem during registration, and we will consider improving it.


Question (@Fire drunk goose):

Does NT530 support BMW F20 (114D) and BMW Z3 (1.8)?


Support BMW F20 (114D); BMW Z3 (1.8) is also supported, but it may require 20 pin transfer interface.

If you are not sure which interface is used in your car, you can check your car's chassis number, and then send it to us for inspection.


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