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[Foxwell FAQ 2]How to solve the blue screen of Foxwell equipment?

Hello everyone, and welcome to watch "Foxwell FAQ", it records some foxwell users’ questions and foxwell technicians’ answers.

I thought that this FAQ column would not have a second episode, but for some reasons, it seems that this series will continue.


Question (@Mantis catching shrimp):

Can the 2004 chev silverado NT530 diagnose the entire evap system? I checked the foxwell support list, does Silverado only support it until 2007?


Supported 2004 chev silverado. The support list on the official website is very useful, but it is a pity that it is not updated in time. If you upgrade to the latest software, the function path is: GM--MANUAL SELECTION--2004--LIGHT DUTY TRUCK--CHEVR--SILVERADO


Question (@Seven monkeys riding tree):

2002 Ford Think golf cart type vehicle 72 volts, Uses 6 of the Deka 8G31 Gel batteries.

I want: bench test each one to see how good the batteries are.

Does BT715 support?

Answered :

Yes, Foxwell BT715 support it.


Question (@Lightning eyes push human):

Can Foxwell NT680 Pro work on my 2019 RAM 1000 laramine v6 engine, Toyota 2014 sienna and 2018 Honda hybrid accord?

what does it mean when you posted NT680 Pro supports All System Diagnostic? you mean all vehicles so i do not need to buy additional software.

does this machine have a life time update software?

how long is the warranty for this machine?

Thanks and I'm Kevin from last issue.

Answered :

1. The 2019 RAM 1000 laramine v6 engine requires the purchase of 12+8 adapters. Supports 2014 Toyota sienna and 2018 Honda hybrid accord;

2. Support all models;

3. Free upgrades for life;

4. The warranty period is 1 year

5. You're welcome, Kevin. oh, I mean: Lightning eyes man, You're welcome.


Question (@Crow sitting airplane):

What is the path of the 2006 Porsche Cayman airbag light reset? I use NT510 Elite.

Answered :


Question (@Crow sitting airplane):

It is impossible to follow this path.

foxwell path

Answered :

Try automatic scanning, path: PORSCHE--MANUAL SELECTION--CAYENNE(9PA UP TO 2010)--DIAGNOSIS--QUCIK SCAN, and see what system the result of the scan is.

In addition, what is your software version? When PORSCHE is selected in the cursor box, press "help" of NT510 Elite again to see the version number.


Question (@Butterflies destroy parking lot):

Foxwell NT530 has a blue screen, what should I do?

Foxwell NT530 has a blue screen


1. Delete the original HOME program or format the TF card

2. Re-download the program


Question (@Tree monkey kick leg):

Doe this NT510 Elite come with BMW/Mini software already installed, or, do I have to do something to install or activate the software? 2007 Mini Cooper R56 standard.


NT510 Elite with BMW software pre-installed, we will pre-install and activate the software, you can use it directly. And NT510 Elite support 2007 Mini Cooper R56.

It should be noted that only the pre-installed BMW software is the case. Licenses of other brands need to be installed and activated by the user.


Thank you for watching, I hope this article is useful to you, and we will see you in the next issue.

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