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Possible to clear P24AF, P2463, P042D Fault codes with Foxwell NT510?

Car model and year: 2014 Benz E250

Fault codes:
P24AF, P2463, P042D
Benz scanner to use:
Foxwell NT510 scanner

Soot Particulate Sensor (Replaced for DTC P24AF, No Change, Returned to Original)

Third temperature sensor downstream.

How to do?
It says sensor 2, so part # 240
But you have soot accumulation, so try to force DPF regeneration and then clear the codes before putting money in it.

Proper scanner will clear the limp and will have forced regeneration program.
You have at least 2 codes who are interlocked.

UPDATE: Disconnected Negative Terminal to both batteries. Replaced temperature sensor shown in diagram as #240. Road test. Cleared P042D. Repeated procedure to replace Soot sensor shown in diagram as #410. Cleared P24AF. OBDII code P2463 still remains. The Benz codes package on the Foxwell Scanner show the following codes which seem to derive from "P2463":

The soot content of the diesel particulate filter is not OK. There is an implausible signal.

The soot content of the diesel particulate filter is not OK. There is a signal above the permissible limit value.

the car is in limp home mode (LHM). I clear the codes and go for a 1-hour highway drive, but the LHM condition remains and code return on start up. I suspect the software will not allow DPF regen while in LHM. I've seen some 40 key starts and all sorts of "criteria" to clear a "permanent code".

Live data on the DPF. Clearly has been a long while since DPF Regen. My car just rolled 82,000 miles. Last Regen was 81,251 km...

Had these pictures captured while driving. Lowers speeds shown here. Max engine speed is 2500 RPMs while in LHM.

I've seen the differential fluctuate between 15 hPa and 50 hPa while driving depending on engine speed.


The soot sensor I replaced (clearing P24AF) is downstream. The sensor has a module that connects to a node for power. It appears an upstream sensor is connected at this node. I'm going to trace it.

To be upgrading...