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Can Foxwell NT510 Elite scan all modules of Aston Martin?

Foxwell NT510 Elite (same as NT530) for Aston Martin can work with Cygnet (As of 2011), DB9 (As of 2004), DBS V12 (As of 2007), Rapide (As of 2009), Vantage (As of 2005), Virage (As of 2011).


Read all modules?

Definitely Yes.

Review 1.

I have the Foxwell NT530 and can read lots of modules from both ports.


Review 2.

I too have the Foxwell NT30. I believe it lists all the available modules. Some it reads some from the OBD port (for me, the engine needs to be running) and the others it reads from the Body port (for me, engine off is ok).


Review 3.

Mine is a 2005 DB9, I did a thorough review with my NT510. It was time for this (it's an annual thing) and I learned a few things. All 3 modules worked. I had forgotten some will prompt me to turn the engine off and leave the key on. Data was retrieved from the EE, E8 and E9 sub-categories. Some live data from each of the 3 with the engine running.
Another thing I haven't mentioned. My NT510 has an "OBDII" icon and an "Aston Martin" icon. There are some overlapping diagnostics, and some unique to the icons. Hope this helps.


FYI, there are two ports that the reader will connect. One near the drive shaft tunnel is the body port. Outboard to this (roughly under the steering column) is the other port to read engine codes.

I checked both ports earlier today with the DB9 running. Everything works.


Someone feedback: "it only read 2-3 modules".

Answer:        check for an update, I did an update to my NT510 a little while ago. It fixed a couple of issues I was having. Hope this helps. the update has to be done through the PC and not the handheld device.


And someone feedback: 

I've got the NT530, purchased directly from Foxwell and I specified the Aston Martin scanner. Mine doesn't have the Aston icon though, only OBD II icons.

How did you get the Aston stuff installed on yours?


Answer: You have to sign up with Foxwell. Then you download your car type - in this case Aston Martin.


Watch video: Foxwell NT510 Elite FOXAssist download,install and register , activate & Update: