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BMW 2001 540i ABS Bleeding by Foxwell NT510 Elite or Inpa / DIS?

Car model and year: 2001 BMW 540i E39.



To bleed the ABS. get all air out of the ABS pump and everywhere else in the whole system.

There is air in my ABS pump. This happened after I replaced all the lines with stainless steel braided lines. My pedal doesn't feel firm. I know there is air in the lines. Trust me. I've been dealing with this for months. I don't want to go to an Indy or the dealer and pay to have them do a full bleed if I can do it myself.


Review 1. Foxwell NT630 scanner / NT510 Elite

I have the Foxwell NT510 Elite scanner that can activate the ABS pump and Precharge Pump separately. I also have the equipment to pressurize my brake system (cn90's DIY with the cap, air compressor, etc).

Check out this article on using Foxwell NT630 Elite to do ABS bleeding for Dodge

FYI, Foxwell NT510 Elite BMW scanner has the same ABS bleeding function as NT630 Elite.

BTW, you do not necessarily need a helper to open the bleeder screws while you are pressing on the brake pedal. You can do it solo -- ;) just use a piece of wood or such- squeeze it between the pedal and the driver seat to keep the brakes pressed.


Review 2. Bleeding brake system with ABS/ASC+T.

But that relates to using DIS. I cannot use DIS.


Review 3. if air inadvertently enters the braking system and penetrates the ABS, then you will need the scanner (INPA , DIS, or whichever) to activate the ABS pumps, and bleed the air out of the ABS.

However, someone said "Personally, I, myself, have INPA but never bothered to setup DIS, again, because I could never get it to work properly despite multiple tries.".


Review 4. I used Launch scanner to bleed ABS and brakes, normally when you bleed brakes, you start from the farthest wheel first, in E39, it is passenger rear, but if you bleed ABS system, start from nearest wheel which is passenger side front, activate ABS pump until no air bubbles coming out of the bleeder tube, close the bleeder and do as normal bleeding procedure to bleed the rest of brake system, I actually activated ABS pump to bleed the entire brake system.

However, we have no idea which Launch scanner, and the Launch scanner is generally more expensive than Foxwell Scanner.


Hope this post is helpful.