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2019 Foxwell NT644 Pro update: add more special functions for free

2019 Foxwell NT644 Pro update: $460 for professional diagnostic functions and more than 10 special functions.
1. Brand new mux outlook and package:

1. 2019 Foxwell NT644 Pro update: more than 10 special functions
1). ABS, Antilock Brake System
Function list: renewing...

2). SRS, Airbag, service helps clear the fault Airbag memories to reset
Function list: /upload/pro/ 

3). AT/CVT, Continuously Variable Transmission
Function list:!ZYRimIyJ!pOpUYj1JOMWXYJW_hU9OsCczSbCZotSVh6JVoIgxLgk 

4). SAS, Steering Angel Sensor, clear the fault steering angle sensor memories
Function list:!tMJ0XASK!j3pRhmWusO3WferHfqGOasgpjZdAdYAjDEE3UXglWzY

5). EPB, Electronic Park Brake System
Function list:!oIAUgC6J!TxYk4k8WADOASQt1S_Jw5b5y7HW4pMvTPGWcsVEOthI

6). DPF, Diesel Particulate Filter
Function list:!IYRS3aZS!FXkpbPXBvZPj5qnwA79vgxgpi84IC2zHEUzy95uB1JA 

7). OilReset, Oil Light Service Reset, reset for a new calculation of Engine Oil Life system once changed the oil
Function list:!QFQSQAoL!-dVxYwnWr1We2my5qGwoiDdOaG0brXJ19awSUBEsUwU 

8). TBA/TPS , Throttle Body Alignment
Function list: Updating...

9). BRT, Battery Replacement Reset, adapt the new battery to ECU work properly
Function list: renewing...

10). Injector Coding
Function list:!0EIWAKYZ!tzAgYOrBd8JCdkOu433x2g2_K6vACMZFMDkvRPfGt9A

11). TPMS, Tire Pressure Monitoring Sytem, reset your TPMS more safe and concise
Function list: renewing...

12). Gear Learn, allow to relearn the communication of gear position information.
Function list:!1UAWiQrA!BVCq3zMWUEsBSN_wazrzjs1U_ydqYkBN2vk1oD5W9f4

13). Odometer ,Exchange Odometer
Function list:!5RZUQIyb!10q5DHaQQ2JP9FIoRpFkFu13qCjC00tZEdgNMhj0S_I 

Foxwell NT644 Pro special functions car list:

2. Foxwell NT644 PRO professional diagnostic functions
After a system is selected and the scanner establishes communication with the vehicle, the Function Menu displays. The menu options may include:
● Read Codes
● Freeze Frame Data
● Erase Codes
● ECU Information
● Live Data

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