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FOXWELL NT204 OBD2 CAN Diagnostic Tool Fault Code Reader Multi-languages Available

FOXWELL NT204 OBD2 CAN Diagnostic Tool Fault Code Reader Multi-languages Available

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Original FOXWELL NT204 features in the unique patented One-Click I/M Readiness Key, TFT color display and built-in speaker. The FOXWELL NT204 is truly the ultimate in ease and affordability, enabling users to verify repairs, road test, check State, Emission Monitor Status and solve basic engine and drive ability problems.

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by Mr.Mike Glennon on Oct 19, 2020
Purchased a NT204 but need to update, how can I do this?
Replied by Emilia on Nov 10, 2020
Please update via NT wonder download from

by Mr.cotton on Jun 5, 2020
do not by this it does not work it tell me my serial no is no good
Replied by Emilia on Jun 15, 2020
The NT204 need to be updated from old official website here:

Would you please check it and try again?
Best regards
by William Olivier on Jan 5, 2020
Hi, what is the comparison between the NT204 and the NT301?
by Timothy Murray on Sep 6, 2019
will this nt204 clear ABS CODE?
Replied by emilia on Sep 10, 2019

The NT204 only do engine code reading and clearing.
For ABS system, you can have a look at the NT680 NT630 plus or other full system scanner.

by Mr.ryan on Aug 30, 2018
Hi Does the NT301 have the same car list as the NT204?

NT204 has a photo/list of all the asian and euopean cars but NT301 has no photo./list in item description

thank you! and keep up the good work
Replied by emilia on Sep 6, 2018
The NT301 car list almost the same as NT204.

by Mr.LUISITO ABADINES on Aug 24, 2018
Please help how to operate this NT301 cause i need to removed check engine light in the panel board.
by Mr.peter keenan on Nov 25, 2017
hello I have a foxwell nt204 I went to update software but can't find the update anywhere I don't think it is that old as I only just bought it ,any help you can give me would be appreciated thank you all the best peter
Replied by emilia on Nov 27, 2017
You can update the software from official website, here it is:

Best regards
by Mr.Reif on Oct 9, 2017
can not get it to read on a 2014 Dodge Charger
Replied by emilia on Oct 17, 2017

Would you please provide the specific photo or error message of how it doesn't work?
Please contact

Thank you

by Mr.Steve Burrows on Aug 13, 2017
Will it read codes on a Citroen C4 Picasso VTR Diesel engine ?
I am having problems with engine management ( Particulate Filter after
replacing Turbo ) remove this fault from the engine computer history ?

by Mr.Cavalin on Apr 26, 2017

Pouvez vous m'indiquer la procédure pour la mise à jour du Foxwell NT201

Merci d'avance.
Replied by emilia on Apr 28, 2017
Vous pouvez consulter ce mode d'emploi et vérifier les étapes de mise à jour.

Veuillez nous faire savoir si vous avez des questions
by sdsd rehhf on Jan 17, 2017
Hi, what is the different between this NT204 and the NT301?
Replied by emilia on Jan 19, 2017
Hi, dear friend

NT204 is a pro version compared to the NT301, I have sent you details and you can check your email.

by Mr.woonho cho on Jan 17, 2017
Hi, will it able to read and clear code for all cars?
Replied by emilia on Jan 19, 2017
Hi, dear friend
It can work on all cars after 1996 and compatible with OBDII protocol.
Best regards!
by Mr.Milo Popp on Jan 17, 2017
Hi, can it read code on BMW E90?
Replied by emilia on Jan 19, 2017
Hi, dear friend
Yes, it is compatible with all OBDII protocol.
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