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Extra Software License for Foxwell NT510/NT520/NT530/ NT510 Elite Multi-System Scanner Newly Added ISUZU SUBARU SUZUKI

Extra Software License for Foxwell NT510/NT520/NT530/ NT510 Elite Multi-System Scanner Newly Added ISUZU SUBARU SUZUKI

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This is software authorization service for Foxwell NT510, NT520, NT530 scanner. As NT510, NT520, NT530 only provide one software for free, other software you have to buy alone.
Available software for choose including: BMW, Chrysler, Fiat, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Land Rover, OPEL, Toyota and VAG, Ford etc.

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by Mr. Joex Venus on Aug 20, 2021
Hey, why nt530 doesnt support Nissan/infinity? I bought nt530 a year ago. You told me it can. Now I want to add Nissan, Honda, mitsubishi etc on my nt530
Replied by Yukari on Aug 29, 2021
Hello, what is the Nissan model you want to diagnose? It is best to have the vehicle VIN for us to confirm whether it is supported.
If you need other brands of software, you can purchase the authorization and submit the serial number to us, and we will activate it.
by Joe Hodgson on Mar 22, 2021
Got it very quickly after place the order. do not forget to email the sales your S/N,because they don't have your device s/n.
by Matt v on Mar 20, 2021
Took a few days to get added to my account but no problems very happy with my additional software!
Replied by Emilia on Mar 23, 2021
Hi, dear
Thanks for your review on our website. 
If you have any questions, please contact us freely. 
Best regards
by Graham Jones on Mar 15, 2021
I placed an order on March the 10th for new software for my Hyundai
It’s no Mach the 15 and I don’t have the software.
I have emailed your company 3 times and I got no response.
I have sent scanner S/N I have sent Software S/N
Still nothing.
Replied by Emilia on Mar 15, 2021
This is an online authorization, no need shipping. Would you please provide the S/N so that we can activate it for you?
by Mr.Alex Nagy on Jan 31, 2021
The instructions are cryptic as others have indicated. I was frustrated upon initial try at getting feedback that my update was installed, it did not happen. I came back the next day and walked through the instructions, they were still cryptic, no clear feedback. I tried hitting the update button on the unit and it did not do anything. Finally I had do study the action words and it slowly sunk in and I was good to go. That being said......

I plugged the unit into my BMW X5 and read a bunch of trouble codes, very deep, and I was able to clear the engine light misfires that I had fixed. My harbor freight unit would not do this nor did my Torque software, yeah, I finally got trouble code free heaven.

I am looking to down load the Subaru software and this trail of tears on this site is not making me feel warm and cozy, guess I will have to hope the software gods are with me.

Thank you all for your testimony, it really helped, hope this helps someone as well.
by james felker on May 21, 2020
seriously, a week later and still no software to download!

no one should have to wait a week to download software in this day and age...
Replied by Emilia on May 22, 2020
Would you please send us the order number on our website and the S/N of your device so that we can check for you?

best regards
by Mr.Clint on Mar 19, 2020
I would like to add to previous review. Since then i learned Foxwell has to download your programming to your account before you can download it. Once they did that i had no issues what so ever downloading my programming. I wish that part wasnt in fine print but im totally satisfied with Foxwell again.
by Mr.Clint on Mar 14, 2020
I bought 520 pro 1 yr ago and decided to buy ford programming and what a mess. It tells me wrong email and password but i can log in with email and password but cant download ford program with that email and password. This is ridiculous.$60 spent on program and cant download it. I want my money back. Trying to get ahold of someone is obsolete. Not happening. The worst customer service ive EVER dealt with. I either want money back or someone to actually call me and tell me how to download program. Ive contacted customer service several different ways and i get answers to questions i didn't ask. My questions have still yet to be answered. Good luck if you want fast and easy service. Unless my issue gets fixed i wouldnt recommend FOXWELL to my worst enemy
by Mr.Todd B on Dec 2, 2019
Purchased a Foxwell NT530 for my BMW E60, I had multiple issues with the transmission and other faults, I needed something that extracted codes a bit deeper than my Matco scanner did, in fact, my scanner only gave me an OBDII code of P0700, that told me what church to be in but not which pew.....Once I scanned the car with this new scanner, I found 7 pages (print out) of issues and diagnostic information that help me narrow the issues down. Very impressed with the capabilities of this scanner.
by Steve Zimmer on Nov 28, 2019
Tried downloading software with help of my friend on his Microsoft PC ( I only use Mac) and he knows his way around a computer as he works from home for a Fortune 500 company. Couldn't get it done. Twice during downloading the process stopped and a pop up window came on the screen which was hard to understand; it said something about shutting down the computer Yes, NO and then starting again. Can't figure that out, tried to follow instructions and now the nt530 will not start back up. It seems we scrambled it's brain and I'm now out the full purchase price and have never even got to use the scanner. We did not remove the card; We were attempting to download the Mercedes software using just the "update" button on the touchscreen. Hope you have better luck. Downloading the installation software from the mega site presents a problem when on a borrowed computer as a link is sent to your email account and in that email is a button which you click and that immediately returns you to the Foxwell download site. Which may be fine if you are on the same computer you use to log into your account, but on a friends Microsoft OS system we had to use his email to creat an account at the mega site and reenter the foxwell download site. Hope you understand that. DON'T purchase anything from this site on your MAC and then borrow a friends computer to download the software. I doubt it will work. Looks like a good scanner if you can get it to download software. GOOD LUCK !
by Krystian Rother on Nov 25, 2019
Wszystko jak należy choć można by było skrócić czas na udostępnienie aktualizacji. Pozdrawiam
by Samir Shah on Oct 10, 2019
The manual is not great, but it is not hard to figure out how to install software and modules on it. First, install the FoxAssist software on your PC. Create a login and password, and authorize your unit using the serial number at the back. Keep FoxAssist open. To install car modules and update software, connect the NT530 to the PC using the included USB cable, and select the 'Update' menu on the NT530. This should open a page on the FoxAssist with the modules and software that have been authorized for the unit, and the version numbers that are already installed. You can then select which software you would like to update the unit with.
by Mr.John on Sep 12, 2019
I recently purchased the Foxwell NT530 scanner with 2 car software. However the tool came with no software. Tried registering on their web.... it failed. After trying for several hours I gave up and tried to call. Was on hold for a long time... gave up and emailed them. Reply came back few days later. Sent me to a site to download Foxassist and manual. By the way, the manual is a piece of junk. Foxassist could not register also.. another day went buy... then finally was able to register... but then the software update did not work. After another 5 days of emailing back and forth, uninstalling and reinstalling software support engineer was able to resolve the issue. Honest to God, I would have returned the device .... if I only knew how. Even after repeated question, support never told me how I can return it for full refund. Anyway the user interface is not user friendly. For a tool that may end up costing you over 300-400 depending on if you have 3 or more different make.. this tool is not worth it. you can't program with it. However for diagnosing purpose it has good coverage. Also this company jack up the price on the web and then put a discount beside the price to sell at the original price... typical Chinese business model. Each make software is $60.00 You can buy dedicated or a good universal device for that. Just over priced. Had I known all this.. I would have stayed away.
Replied by emilia on Sep 19, 2019
May I know your order number on our website? If you didn't purchase it on our website, we are not able to provide the return and refund.
Maybe we can find a solution on your problem.

by Mr.Dion Horvat on Sep 5, 2019
No problem.
by frederic haliba on Sep 4, 2019
Software downloaded successfully with no issues. Thanks
by Mr.Chris Alexander on Aug 1, 2019
My friend recently bought a Foxwell and he shares the same thoughts about a totally useless manual. I am thinking about a FoxWell or iCarsoft as a spare tester.

I know you guys are out of China, but you really need to work on customer support and a proper manual. This would never fly in Germany.
Replied by emilia on Aug 7, 2019

The user manual only in English provided by the Foxwell factory, sorry for the inconvenience.
And if you have any questions, you can contact your seller for further help.

by Mr.abderahim Abou on Mar 6, 2019
Have downloaded the software successfully. Good seller
Replied by emilia on Mar 8, 2019
Thanks for your feedback on our website.
If you have any further questions, please let us know.
Best regards
by Mr.Frank Lombos on Sep 15, 2018
I have spent hours trying to download the Aston Martin software for the Foxwell NT520 - but the software won't download from Does the factory have my serial number? - it doesn't seem to recogize that I should have this car software for my device.
Replied by emilia on Oct 22, 2018

Sorry for late reply.

Here is the update guide for your reference:

Would you please have a try again?

by Mr.Gledhill on Aug 22, 2018
Terrible user guides and support. Tried to register yesterday but Web site just kept spinning for an hour - gave up and tried again today. Norton 360 wouldn't allow downloads because unsafe software. I've spent too much of my time on this - should have just gone to mechanic - cheaper
by Mr.Shadetree on Aug 19, 2018
Ok it took some trial and error to get a Foxwell ID and to register the NT520. The Users Guide that came with the tool is somewhat helpful but you have to "read between the lines" sometimes. As others said if you try to register on it just hangs...forever. So download Foxscanner and it works quickly to register. Then use the info above on this web page to download the software for the car brand you want. Once your tool is registered then FoxScanner recognizes the serial number so you can download through FoxScanner onto the micro card that came with the tool. I had also sent emails with no response, before I found this web page on how to download and upgrade. Good luck
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