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[US/UK Delivery]Foxwell NT530 Multi-System Scanner Works on Latest 2018/2019 Vehicles Firmware Updated Compared to NT520

[US/UK Delivery]Foxwell NT530 Multi-System Scanner Works on Latest 2018/2019 Vehicles Firmware Updated Compared to NT520

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Foxwell NT530 Multi-System Scanner is a unique tool that delivers OE-level diagnosis for different car brands and supports the most commonly required service and coding features. Through hardware and software upgrades, technical staff and enthusiasts can now approach problems with greater speed and accuracy.

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by Mr.Riyaz Hafrath on Aug 3, 2020
I bought Foxwell nt530 Honda scanner for work, dealer scanner sometimes takes long time to retrieve all DTC, and reset PCM/ECM, throttle body reset, etc,,, so I bought this scanner to do the job quicker and work my own car at home, however some functions does not work, so it is useless other than scanning and clearing DTCs.

If I can reset maintenance reminder on this scanner, that would have been better but does not offer maintenance reminder reset either.
Replied by Emilia on Aug 6, 2020
Would you please update the Honda software to the latest and try again?

Best regards
by John on Jun 29, 2020
will it do battery registration on 2011 audi q5?
by jose on Jun 17, 2020
I have now uploaded the Porsche software and reset my transmission ecu so many thanks
by Claudia on Jun 11, 2020
How long will I receive the item if I order it today?
Replied by Emilia on Jun 15, 2020

We will ship from UK or US warehouse if you come from US or EU countries. 
It will take about 3-7 working days to arrive. 
If you have any questions, please contact us freely. 

Best regards
by Ian on Jun 8, 2020
Works as described, good tool for the price and gives a lot of details
by Mr.Joex on May 29, 2020
I purchased NT530. How do I do Toyota/Prius linear solenoid valve calibration"?
Replied by Emilia on May 29, 2020

Here is the official website, you can download the user manual and the function list here:

Best regards
by Mr.Nestaly Perez on May 27, 2020
This is a update of my review on Jan 15 2020 for the NT530 with the Acura/Honda software. In June of 2020 would be six months of ownership and I’m still very pleased and amazed with my Foxwell NT 530.
All I have to said this is a true multi system scanner, I have been able to program and code multiple models of Honda keys in less than 15 seconds your key would be coded at a press of a button. There’s is so much more to this scanner than meets the eye ! Like I stated in my first review this scanner with the Acura/Honda software is a cloned of Honda software.
Once again delighted if this scanner and can wait until Foxwell releases a update for the latest Honda models of 2029/2021.

Thank you FOXWELL


by Martin on May 26, 2020
Works fine!
by gary on May 19, 2020
Worked as advertised. Easy to use.
by Paul Stevenson on May 10, 2020
This is an update from May/3/2020.
Life has been hard on everyone around the world including myself. I take back what I said in the last post. The item is on it's way. I'm giving it five stars because I know when I get it, it will be good for what I need. I'm grateful. Thank you Emilia for your help and be safe and well!
by Paul Stevenson on May 3, 2020
I've been waiting 10 days now and it gets pretty frustrating when you keep checking your tracking number everyday and it keeps saying "No package found", or just "Shipping label created" I want to give this a five star, but China is having a Five day May holiday. There's an additional five day wait to get any answer or anything happening. I've read all the reviews and I've read customers receiving there items fast, like three or four days. I'm jealous! Where the hell is's stuck in Limbo some where. I have no idea what's going on. Feel like I've been ripped off.....I hope not!
Soon as I know my shipment is moving and hopefully receive the NT530 I will give it a five star, until then I don't feel to hopefull.
by Mr.Hidden Tom on Apr 28, 2020
Bought NT530 for my F-Pace. Although I specifically ordered Jaguar Land Rover version software, the device came with no pre-installation. Also, there are some tricks / pitfalls in installing the software, like, the software language need to match with the language settings on the device. So it wasn't easy than I thought, as no such information can be found in the manual. Thankfully, the customer service was responsive and helped me out. So far so good, but...

I cannot find where the battery registration and oil reset functions are in the device. It looks like these functions are burried deep in the menu. I again contacted the customer service but all the sudden, no response.

I would have given 1 star rating because I haven't been able to do what I wanted to do on my F-Pace. But since the customer representative has been responsive, at least to the point of installing the software, I will give 1 additional star for 2-star rating. I hope customer representative will get back to me shortly.
by Mr.Tab N Gab on Apr 27, 2020
2013 Ford F150 Is there any equipment to do new battery register?nt530 ok?
by Mr.Juma Zahedi on Apr 27, 2020
Nice tool! it supports reset the brake pad wearing sensors for my Bmw e90 2007 318i
by Mr.‎Albena Jordan‎ on Apr 27, 2020
Does nt530 support 2004 Chevy Trailblazer LT 4.2 IL6 truck
by Rodney Boles on Apr 18, 2020
Good quality
by Felix on Apr 3, 2020
I purchased a new Foxwell NT520 that came with the MB/Sprinter/Smart package for $189 shipped. Get it, you can add different makes for $60 more. I have since bought 2 more makes to support my other vehicles. Free upgrades and is much cheaper than buying more expensive make specific readers. It not only reads codes but lets you see live data, perform actuations and allow turning modules on/off to test their functionality. And it keeps the paid mechanics honest. If/when I ever need a STAR access, a local has one.
by christopher on Apr 3, 2020
I have the nt530. It has regular code read/clear, limited coding, actuation testing, live data etc.
You can install software for up to 5 brands on it. I just have the MB stuff on it. So far I've used it to adjust the idle speed, 87 octane capability, inflate/deflate air suspension, shut off the torque converter for diagnostic, bleed SBC.
by Christophe on Mar 30, 2020
Nice I still have to figure out how to use this thing
by Mr.Oltian Munga on Mar 11, 2020
The Foxwell NT530 (with Honda software) is really a great little tool and reasonably priced.
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