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Foxwell Official Website Update! Adds The Function List

Update! Foxwell official website is available with all devices function list:
Foxwell products include: NT530, NT680, NT680 Pro, NT680 Lite, NT624 Elite, NT644 Elite, NT510 Elite, NT650 Elite, i70, i70 Pro, GT90, NT630 Plus, NT614Elite, i80 etc.
Car makes include: hundreds of car models from worldwide
Please select the car, the model, the product, the control system, then click on “Search”, you will have the newest foxwell product’s function list incl. model, system, function, subfunction, version etc.
Look at the image below, I take Foxwell NT530 Porsche 911(997) function list for example.
foxwell nt530 porsche
And NT630 Plus BMW function list:
foxwell nt650 bmw