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[FAQ] How to upgrade the NT624 to the NT644 pro?

When you had a NT624 full system diagnostic tool, and you are requiring advanced functions like the NT644 pro will do.
NO need worry, just need to purchase the authorization of NT624 update to NT644 pro, link here:


And then send your NT624 S/N to our email: or Whatsapp: +86 13515975739

We will activate the NT644 pro for you. And then you can begin to download the software and upgrade your NT624.
Here are steps for your reference:

Software updates will need a Windows PC/Laptop and an SD card reader.

Step1: Create an account

Firstly, you will need to create an account on Foxwell official website:, and register your SN with NT644 pro, and follow the instructions.
Download and install the Foxscanner from product page: //
Please note: the installer will sometimes try to install into D:/ drive, and you will have to change to C:/
After installed, run the Foxscanner app. Click register button. (If already registered, please log in)

Step2: Add the NT644 pro to the account

1. Register the NT644 pro software. You will need a S/N and the password. They can be found on the tool when you click "About" menu when you boot up the tool.

2. Click the "register products" icon. put a tick in the box marked '001' then select your tool in the Part Number Column.

3. Enter the products' S/N and PW, submit, a confirmation box should be shown successful registration.

Step3: Update NT644 pro
Now close the Foxscanner software, remove the SD card from NT644 pro(making sure the tool is turned off first!) and connect it to the PC via SD card reader.

Please note: due to the expanding coverage of NT644 pro, to install all available updates you will need a Kingston or Sandisk branded 16GB SD card. (Tools suppolied before October 2016 will have been supplied with a 4GB or 8GB card.)

We recommend re-formatting the new 16GB SD cards to the FAT32 file system, with an "Allocation unit size" of 4096 bytes before applying the software updates

Once Windows has detected the SD card, run the Foxscanner app and login again. Click the "My Updates" button.

After a few seconds a list of the avaialbe software updates will appear..

Please ensure that the correct serial number is displayed in the drop-down list.

Click the update button to download the available updates.

Please note: the update process will take a bit long time, please do not interrupt the process until the update finished.
Once the updates finished, please don't forget to 'safely remove the SD card' to avoid the possibility of data corruption.

If you have any questions, please contact us freely.