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2021 Foxwell NT530 BMW Review: Works Well for Different BMW Cars

Here are the newest customer reviews about Foxwell NT530 BMW Multi-System Scanner. It has been confirmed that NT530 can perform diagnosis, basic function (read & clear codes) and special function (reset SRS airbag MIL, engine light, etc) for many BMW car models.
Foxwell NT530 for BMW

Customer review 1: Excellent tool!
Bought this nt510 elite scan tool as a present for my older brother to use with his baby: a '93 BMW 328i 2dr Coupe that he's owned since new. Since he's a retired US Army veteran of 28 yrs (did most of his time overseas in Germany as a certified heavy equipment mechanic) & loves his Bimmer but never thought to get 1 of these to do his own diagnostics on it I sprung this on him, along w\ the 20-pin adapter & matching Foxwell carrying case. This Foxwell is specific to his car & is capable of performing nearly all full OE diagnostics as well as general OBDI\OBDII checks, uses a color display screen & is the only 1 that I could find that specified to be OBDI compliant as well as OBDII compliant so I knew that it would cover his baby. Also comes w\ a detailed operational instructional booklet so he can figure out how to make full use of it. He's a happy camper now...…..and so am I!

Customer review 2:  It doesn't relearn parts to the system. Clears Codes so that you can go to the shop.
BMW e39 528i 2000 M sport package. Works to clear codes so that you can get your car out of a tricky situation or learn what part to replace, diagnose/test. I'm still new to the system. I used it to diagnose throttle body issues with the EML light on, and it was bad. Replaced it at the shop for just labor and relearning the part. The shop has much heavier equipment that can actually reset the faults and relearn integral parts such as throttle body. This shows faults within its parameters and can show detailed info to help you out when you have no idea what the faults mean. Always keep this with me in an oldy like the e39.

Customer review 3: NT510 elite for BMW injector coding. (Works!)
I bought this NT510 elite to code in injectors on my N54 powered 335xi. It is pretty clunky, and I am red-green colorblind. This made it difficult to enter numbers in for coding. I had to look for movement on the screen to see what was highlighted. Kind of challenging. Also without a power supply the car shut off the obd2 port while I was entering numbers.

Things to keep in mind when coding injectors:

I eventually used a power supply while I had the scanner plugged in. I also noticed that if I left the door of the car open, it wouldn’t automatically read the Vin number of the car. I had to turn my jb4 to map 0 to get the injector values to save. So I tried a total of four times to enter values. It finally worked and was well worth the price and effort. The car runs way better now and starts quickly after replacing leaky injectors and replacing spark plugs.

Customer review 4: Works Great - Takes Time to Figure it Out
This FOXWELL NT510 Elite works great. Mine has the BMW software package to read the inscrutable BMW codes. It takes a bit to learn how to use it and you will still need to Google or YouTube the solutions to fixing the cause of your error codes. You also need to be somewhat savvy with auto repairs for this to be worthwhile. You need the model-specific software to erase anything other than the generic OBD2 codes.

I would buy this again. It pays itself off by avoiding just one trip to the BMW mechanic.

Customer review 5:FOXWELL does the job!
The FOXWELL NT510 is easy to use and works well. I recently upgraded rotors and pads to PowerStop on our 2011 BMW X3 35i. New brake wear sensors were replaced and the manual “reset” was completed on the instrument panel. Within 3 weeks the internal computer came to the conclusion the rear pads and rotors needed to be replaced even though inspection did not reveal any need to replace and were installed correctly. After research, I found that the FOXWELL NT510 was used in a post to reset the car computer. It took about 5 minutes to reset the rear brake warning light. I know the device has the capabilities to do much more which will be explored.

To be continued...